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Geronto Program
Citizen action against society

The Geronlo-Tutelas Program encourages social participation through greater involvement in the neighborhood environment, facilitating the person's day-to-day life and their community relationship.

The Geronto-Tutelas Program develops a social and neighborhood network that prevents incipient dementias from degenerating into unsustainable situations and representing a danger to oneself and to third parties.

The beneficiaries of our program are elderly people with lysical and psycho-geriatric diseases. who suffer or are at risk of abuse. loneliness lack of medical attention etc.

What are the objectives of the Geronto-Tutelas program?

  • Encourage serial volunteering within each neighborhood, to protect the aging process of the people who are part of it

  • Create collaborative links between Social Services centers and the neighborhood community

  • Detect elderly people who are incapacitated and give them emotional support and assume their legal defense

  • Streamline legal-legal procedures in the process of fact guarding, incapacitation and subsequent guardianship

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