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Quetzal Program
Discover the meaning of life

The Quetzal Program seeks to integrate volunteerism within geriatric centers and Sanitans in your area.

The objective is to incorporate a human quality bonus that complements professionals and improves care for residents in these centers. To this end, ACFUC has created the Quetzal Program, which consists of three projects, designed to meet emotional, relationship, and self-esteem needs. entertainment, stimulation and performance of the residents.

It has been detected that when a person enters a center, their affective and friendship bonds are involuntarily weakened, as well as their sense of freedom: as if the fact of being institutionalized carries connotations of hermeticism that impede their continuity in the community or community. access to the social and recreational life of their environment.

The volunteer will collaborate under the supervision of professionals in the adaptation of the elderly person in the residence and will contribute to improve their comprehensive care.

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