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Tutelary Institution
Guardianship as protection of the person

ACFUC as a non-profit legal entity, has among its objectives the protection of disabled people. assuming this tutelary responsibility of the judicial authority.

The direct recipients of this activity are elderly people who are incapacitated, without a family or in a situation of helplessness. Assuming guardianship supposes the defense of your rights and duties, both personally and in assets.

ACFUC is committed to a new positive conception of the word incapacitation . understanding it as comprehensive protection of the person . For this reason, the Association has a commission in charge of ensuring this comprehensive protection: the Guardianship Commission. This commission is made up of an interdisciplinary team from different social, health and legal fields, and is responsible for the comprehensive aspect of guardianship. covering social, emotional, cultural, recreational deficiencies, etc. and ensuring the correct and better administration of assets for the benefit of the person. In short, improving the psychosocial context of the disabled.

ACFUC exercises guardianship, understanding it as the INTEGRAL PROTECTION OF THE PERSON
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