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Because this future can be everyone's.

  • Defense of the rights of users and their families if necessary, before the competent bodies

  • Information on geriatric services and facilities in Catalonia

  • Help to create collaboration links between users, family members, managers of geriatric centers and the Administrations

  • Dissemination and social menlalization regarding the culture of old age, through the organization of events, conferences and campaigns aimed at the elderly (Service registered under number 50-41151)


  • Guardianship of legally disabled people (Service registered with number 50-4085)

  • Support to the person who assumes the guardianship of people in the process of incapacitation

  • Collaboration with associations and other entities related to our group of assisted geriabia

  • Gathering information on gerontological research


We are looking for people like you.

Active | Participatory | Solidarity with the people who need you and society in general.

Sensitized to the culture of old age, and who wants to join one of the following projects:

  • Sociocultural Animation and Dynamization Project

  • Affective Accompaniment Project

  • Cognitive and Psychomotor Stimulation Project

Work with us

Your work as a professional.

ACFUC works with a team of different professionals who are aware of eradicating loneliness in old age and defending human rights.

If you want to join the ACFUC team and collaborate with your work in our social development project, contact us.

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